Educational Assistance for College Students and Military Veterans

College is often the primary option to pursue when looking to get advanced knowledge and skills in a particular field. When going to college, a number of students will have the opportunity to take courses and complete a degree program. While attending a traditional campus is the most common way a person receives their college education, many individuals opt to complete an online degree program instead. Over 5 million students have enrolled in an online degree program during the past year. One of the groups of people who look to complete an online degree program are military veterans and service members. Similar to their civilian counterparts, members of the military are often seeking financial assistance in order to cover the high costs of college education.

Gi Bills 

The most common type of educational assistance for military personnel is the GI Bill. According to, the GI Bill is used to help military veterans advance their knowledge and skills through funding. With the GI Bill, military veterans will be able to get government funding to finance all of the costs associated with their education. This benefit is very useful because it will enable military members and their families to avoid getting into debt with traditional student loans.


For both civilians and military veterans, one of the best types of financial assistance available is grants. These are government funding programs that will help individuals finance their education without any out of pocket costs. Unlike student loans, grants do not have to be paid back. However, anyone who is seeking a grant will need to be aware of both the limits and the qualifications to receive one. In most cases, you will need to have little to no income to get an education grant as well as receiving no more than $9,000 per year. Grants are also available for up to a total of 7 semesters

Student Loans

Another way to receive financial assistance for a college education is student loans. These are sources of funding that you can receive in order to pay for all of the costs associated with a degree program. As of today, student loans are given to you by the government. Like all other types of loans, you will need to pay this back over time. Therefore it will be important for individuals to make sure that the student loans they receive are for a degree program that can get them a high paying job that is in demand. Individuals who are seeking a student loan will also want to make sure that they take on a manageable amount of debt so that they don’t get into financial problems once they graduate.


A college education is very valuable for anyone who is looking to advance their knowledge and skills of a particular field. However, college is quite expensive nowadays and therefore it is important that people look into financial assistance. This will help them lessen the burden of the educational costs. There are three main types of education financing which can help you cover the costs of any degree program. These types of financing include student loans, grants and the GI Bill.